Conferència sobre l'avaluació de l'impacte social i econòmic dels projectes d'intervenció

Last 14 of June, a lecture was held in the town of Girona on the evaluation of the social and economic impact of intervention projects. The lecture was given by professor Joan Manuel del Pozo through a paper about the need to measure and communicate the social and economic impact of social intervention projects. Other participants in the lecture were Lluís Marroyo, from the Fundació Campus Arnau d'Escala, and Xavier Vallvé, from the Gabinet d'Estudis Socials, both of whom focused their contributions on the SROI methodology.   



The European transnational project COME FORWARD aimed at the combat against hate crimes against the LGBT population and at the reinforcement of the organisations providing support for this population has created its website


CSR in the agricultural sector

Invited by the town council of the Catalan city of Lleida, Paolo Leotti, member of GES, was the lecturer of the seminar held last 30 de May in this town under the topic" Sensibilisation, social responsibility and the labour inspectorate in the agriculture". According to the lecturer, sometimes the rights' violations in several steps of the agricultural jobs do not adequately take into account  their effects on foreign casual workers.


A talk about Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Last Thursday, 11th of May, Xavier Vallvé, member of the Gabinet d'Estudis Socials, gave in Catalan and English a talk about the methodology of the Social Return on Investment (SROI) to students from the Barcelona-based Universitat Pompeu Fabra. The talk described the basic traits of this methodology and the stages it consists of on the basis of a number of examples. 


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