Poverty and social exclusion

The study of poverty and exclusion has been another of GES’ lines. We can mention the undertaking of a poverty map of Catalonia in the earlys ’90; a survey on social exclusion in an area within the Region of Murcia; the participation in the European programmes Poverty 2 and Poverty 3; several studies about minimum income schemes and partnership as a tool against poverty; and a report about poverty in Galicia.

It is particularly worth mentioning a research for the ILO, which concluded with "An outlook at the combat against social exclusion. Concepts and strategies"; and the participation in a transnational project called Marginalia, which dealt with migration, prostitution and addictions as signs of extreme poverty that many times come together. GES also took part in another transnational project called "Laboratory for Active Research on Social Exclusion ("L.A. vie en R.O.S.E.").

More recently, GES has carried out a literature review about poverty and social exclusion in Catalonia between 1997 and 2007 for the APIP association; a research about the evolution of minimum income schemes in Spain on behalf of the University of Antwerp; and a technical assistance under the shape of a diagnose prior to the launch of a Social Inclusion Plan in the Catalan area of la Selva. 

The present economic crisis we are suffering has put again on the agenda the topic of poverty and particularly new poverty. In this regard, GES has recently become one of the partners of a Grundvig project whose main aim is designing and facilitating supporting, information and training services for persons in risk of exclusion owing to this situation.


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