Social research and evaluation in crisis

In the context of the deep economic crisis that the western world is currently suffering from, GES wants, on the basis of an experience extending for over 20 years, to claim the basic role of social research and social evaluation.

What is the utility of social research and/or social evaluation in the present context

  • Warn about the risks of social fracture and analyses its effects: new poverty, collapse of social services, evictions, increase in racism and intolerance, etc.
  • Measure the size of these phenomena.
  • Report examples of good practice and models coming from other geographical areas (basically the European Union) and from the social economy and the third sector in general, as a sector particularly sensitive to social exclusion.
  • Validate new methodologies of social analysis.
  • Carry out analysis on the needs of different populations and of the existing resources to cover them.
  • Evaluate and warn about the impact of a number of measures on the most unprotected populations and on the society at large.
  • Evaluate the advisability of the governmental measures, plans and programmes adopted to cope with such situations and make specific recommendations.

Thus, social research and/or social evaluation have the following benefits:

  1. Contribute to increase the knowledge of social phenomena.
  2. Contribute to design and redesign social policies and to adopt tailored measures.
  3. Support improvements in the regular management of social programmes and projects.
  4. Contribute to legitimate and rationalise public expenditure.
  5. Allow to rectify past mistakes.
  6. Contribute to prevent the outbreak of social conflicts or to alleviate their effects.
  7. Cooperate to the construction of a more egalitarian society.
  8. Contribute to increasing social justice.

These benefits can be summarised by the following key words:

  1. Knowledge.
  2. Planning.
  3. Management.
  4. Saving.
  5. Legitimation
  6. Renewed progress, innovation and learning.
  7. Cohesion.
  8. Justice.



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